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World Lego Challenge #4

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Why I had to Create this Challenge

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Let me ask you an important question...

Honestly, how often do you get frustrated with the time your kids spend glued in font of their screens watching Netflix & Youtube videos?

Sad story: You're not alone. And I know this because I'm a mom who's kid did exactly that.

I remember the day boy was sat there glued to his computer screen - bad tempered and bored out of his mind. He was fed up with watching Netflix and Youtube videos. Not only that, his toys no longer excited him.

So one day I challenged him and said...

What if we created a challenge for you and other kids from around the world?' (you should of seen his smile light up when I mentioned the idea).

So I logged onto Facebook and posted a message that said I was looking for just 8 kids to try out a new Lego Challenge.

And you'll never guess what happened next...

I had over 350 people who wanted to take part in the challenge!

And because of how successful the first Lego Challenge was, we've decided to run another!

I´m in! Lets have fun!

Get Inspired to

Boost your child Intelligence and Creativity!

Watch projects kids have made to discover the essence behind World Lego Challenge?-->


How Does The Challenge Work?

  1. 1. Once the challenge begins, challenges are sent each Saturday via Email as an easy to read Infographic
  2. 2. Kids have until the following Friday to complete the set challenge. Feel like you're stuck at any point during the challenge? We'll be sending you daily tips and tricks to help you get the most out of each challenge.
  3. 3. It's optional to share your creativity in the community (sharing makes things more fun for everybody!)
  4. 4. The Rules? What Rules! There are none! Other than you've got to have as much fun as possible with the whole family


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